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We bring you local and authentic stories. Today we still miss the stories and faces that we can relate to on TV and in the media.
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You don’t know us yet, but actually you do

PAC is yoga, PAC is tea, PAC is superfood, PAC is K-pop, PAC is your robot vacuum cleaner, your video game, PAC is eating together, PAC is the entrepreneur with guts. You often do not realize who and what around you has a certain link with Asia. And vice versa. How many Dutch entrepreneurs are doing business in the Far East? And did you know that there is an Edwin Van Der Sar stadium in Guangzhou? That an entire Dutch village has been reconstructed in Japan, including the Amsterdam canals, the Dom Tower, Huis ten Bosch Palace and Gouda city hall?

A new broadcaster with endless stories from an Asian-Dutch perspective

We bring you local authentic stories and open a window to the far east. Today we still miss the stories and faces that we can relate to on TV and in the media. Stereotype characters like Ushi, Mr. Cheung in “I Love Holland” are outdated, as is the song Hanky Panky Shanghai, which is still sung at schools. The Netherlands has many Asian talents who deserve a platform to tell their stories beyond stereotypes and with more nuances. Through this approach we get to know each other better and are brought together. After all, this time of increasing polarization and harshness in the society demands more understanding and solidarity.

PAC for harmony and color

PAC is an ode to the solidarity between Asia and the Netherlands. From the first generations who came to live here around 1900, the centuries-old trade relations, to Crazy Rich Asians and TikTok. PAC blurs borders and brings the Netherlands and Asia closer

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“Sharon Mcelmeel’s quote perfectly describes why PAC is important. “Children need both mirrors and windows. Many colored children only see the world through windows and they need mirrors. Other children only see mirrors and they must also learn to see the world through windows. ”

The statement clearly expresses what it is about. Mirrors (role models) are important for a positive self-image. And “windows” are also needed: you have to learn to look from a perspective that is not yours. We know from various studies that when people empathize with someone they previously saw as “different”, their prejudices diminish. I am happy to contribute to this.”

Jie-Ming Chung

Founder TerraMedia – 20+ years of experience in international film and TV

“Unfortunately, in 2020 it is still not self-evident that the diverse cultures in the Netherlands are proportionately represented in the media landscape. Hopefully PAC will play a role to show in a positive way the diversity of the Dutch Asians”


Simone van den Ende

Coach for presentators, politicians and business leaders

“I am so happy that PAC is coming. With them I can tell stories from and about people with Asian roots from within. That makes our projects authentic and an important addition to the Dutch media landscape.”


Genny van 't Veer

Producer Aletta Stories

“Omroep PAC is a very important initiative. I believe it will contribute to the connection of the multicultural society of which the Dutch are so proud. As a Dutch I miss the diversity in the Dutch media landscape, and there is a shortage of the real stories of Dutch people and those with an Asian background. In addition, we Dutch can learn a lot from today’s Asia, for example look at the approach to the corona virus in Vietnam and Taiwan or the progress of technical innovations in Indonesia, China and South Korea.”


Fabian Bern

Founder MANY & Uplab | Expert on Tiktok and Douyin

“I find the establishment of PAC essential for our social portrayal, because through authentic Asian representation on TV, there is room to rethink the stereotypes created by non-Asian people and thereby offer a perspective that brings honest layering. As actress and as a viewer I look forward to fun, fresh, beautiful, moving series and programs that PAC will broadcast. ”


Jung Sun den Hollander

Jung Sun den Hollander - Actress (known for Killing Eve), writer, producer

“The voice of Dutch people with an Asian background is too weak in the Dutch debate. PAC can amplify that voice and offers not only Asian perspectives, but also the latest trends from countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. I would like to contribute to that. ”


Ardi Bouwers​

Ardi Bouwers - Strategic advisor, sinologist, teacher - 20+ years of journalism experience

“I have Indonesian-Chinese and Dutch roots. I see life experience with two cultures as a great enrichment. PAC’s mission is in line with my belief: sharing knowledge about the rich Asian culture is an important means of discovering commonality and shared interests. That is – in the larger context – of great importance for the sustainable and peaceful survival of Planet Earth Inc. ”


Joyce Huisman

Writer, branding specialist, connector

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