About us

PAC = daring, colourful and ground-breaking

PAC stands for Pan-Asian Connections and is for anyone interested in the authentic link with Asia here in the Netherlands and the dynamics and versatility of the Far East.

Despite the fact that many generations of Asians have lived in the Netherlands for more than 100 years, the media lack faces and stories that go beyond the stereotypical sketches and characters. PAC wants to tell stories from an Asian-Dutch perspective, which actually showcase the authenticity and richness of Asian cultures and experiences. Stories with nuance and depth. Stories that create more understanding and that represent the diversity and complexity of the many Asian faces. Personal stories that inspire.


PAC brings inspiring stories that elaborate the connections between the Netherlands and Asia. Stories from around the corner and far away. Inspiring stories that increase the visibility of Asian-Dutch people in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. Inspiring stories that give a face to new role models for all Dutch people, now and in the future.


PAC strives for a more balanced society, for harmony and color as ingredients for connectivity. Towards a world in which there is room for each other’s story and where it is natural to sit around a table with different perspectives. A mixture of multidimensional perspectives leads to richer insights and more creative solutions.

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