What can you expect from PAC

PAC offers a stage to new Asian-Dutch talent. For example by showing their short films or making new programs with them. Varying from talk shows and culinary programs to in-depth documentaries.
Cross-cultural programs on television, radio and online with refreshing stories about Asia in the Netherlands and the Netherlands in Asia.

A small selection of the themes and possible topics:



Think of portraits of the founders of the Foodhallen or the Go-Tan family. Dive into the world of digital nomads in Bali, such as the Dutch CoWorkParadise.



Culture & society

How did the Korean K-pop band BTS create a worldwide social movement? Why are Dutch DJs like Armin van Buuren and Martin Garrix so popular in Asia? Or let’s have a ramen soup competition with the best ramen chefs in the Netherlands.


Innovation & technology

How can innovation accelerate zero-waste fashion? What can you do with new media like TikTok? Why are Dutch architects so successful in Asia?

Art & creativity

What role do the identities of Dutch artists with Asian roots play in the growth of their creativity? Which Asian influencers have a large fan base?

PAC meets Kai Verbij

Kai Verbij (born 25 September 1994) is a Dutch speed skater who is specialized in the sprint distances.

Instagram Live Sessions

Live Sessions hosted by PAC presenters Kevin Groen and Laiying Wang


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Een bericht gedeeld door Omroep PAC (@omroeppac)


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Een bericht gedeeld door Omroep PAC (@omroeppac)

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January 2021 – New Media
Going viral through TikTok – by Fabian Bern

February 2021 – Psychology
How to deal with unconscious bias – by Kevin Groen

March 2021 – Doing business in China
Circles and lines. do’s and don’ts in intercultural communication – by Ardi Bouwers

April 2021 – Entertainment
Sun and Moon: Masterclass with Miss Saigon – by Laiying Wang and others

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