About omroep PAC

PAC stands for Pan-Asian Connections and is for everyone who is interested in the authentic connections with Asia that you have here in the Netherlands, and can also be found in the Far East.

PAC aims to tell stories from a Dutch-Asian perspective, which actually showcase the authenticity and richness of Asian cultures and experiences. Stories with nuances and depth. Stories that create more understanding and represent the diversity and complexity of the many Asian faces. Personal stories that inspire.

There are more than 1 million people with Asian roots living in the Netherlands. However, this is hardly reflected in the current Dutch media landscape. Despite the fact that many generations of Asians have lived in the Netherlands for more than 100 years, the faces and stories in the media that go beyond the stereotypical sketches and characters are still missing.

2021 is the year of many changes with room for new voices and sounds. There is an opportunity to enter the public system now and thus, together with many new aspiring broadcasters, bring about a change in the current Dutch media landscape. Innovation works best from the outside, as a disruptor, responding to the unknown needs of the public.

No, PAC is there for all Dutch people. The goal of PAC was established from the urgent need to create more connections between Dutch Asians and all other Dutch people. PAC presents (Asian) themes relevant to everyone, from a Dutch-Asian angle. PAC aims to create a better understanding of Asia and thereby break stereotypes.

PAC offers a stage to new Asian-Dutch talent. For example by showing their short films or making new programs with them. Varying from talk shows and culinary programs to in-depth documentaries.

Cross-cultural programs on television, radio and online with refreshing stories about Asia in the Netherlands and the Netherlands in Asia.

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By becoming a member, you support PAC to make Asian voices and sound heard in the Dutch media landscape. A sound that is now being missed. To become an aspiring broadcaster, it is necessary to recruit 50,000 members before December 31, 2020, which is required by Dutch Media Act.
Your membership is therefore very important!

You can be a member of PAC for only € 10 per year. With a PAC membership,
● support your PAC programs
● help you provide a platform for new diverse Asian talents
● you can contribute ideas and talk about (future) programs
● you become part of a very extensive network of people with a strong relationship with Asia
● you get exclusive access to PAC meetings, events and masterclasses
● you will receive very cool newsletters 4 times a year

For €10 you can be a member of the PAC community for a year. After that, we will ask if you still want to be with us. Do you opt for annual debit? Then we automatically renew your membership.