Who are we

Who are we?

We are game changers who give colour to the established media landscape from an Asian-Dutch perspective.

We are media makers, storytellers, creatives, connectors and entrepreneurs.

PAC Board

Hui-Hui Pan
Hui-Hui is a cultural organizer, strategist and connector. Since 2006 active on diversity and inclusion and Asian representation. Especially in the Dutch art, culture and media sector.
Bei Wang
Bei Wang is a media consultant, intercultural communication strategist and teacher specialized in the public sector, private sector, media and creative industry
Giovanna Chen
Giovanna Chen is a cross-cultural connector with a background in branding and PR, active at the intersection of art and culture, creative sector, food and sports.
Kevin Groen
Kevin Groen is a behavioral expert, D&I coach and spoken word artist who seeks confrontation with uncomfortable themes.
Laiying Wang
Laiying is a presenter, singer (ex-Miss Saigon as understudy of the lead role Kim) and owner of restaurant Asian Spoon

Supervisory board PAC

Simone van de Ende
Simone van den Ende works as coach for presenters, politicians and business leaders. She was head of art, culture and drama at AVRO for 10 years, later Avrotros. Now, in addition to her coaching practice, she develops drama formats and teaches in various media and art courses.

Jie-Ming Chung
Jie-Ming Chung is an entrepreneur and consultant with almost 20 years of experience in the international film and TV industry. He is also co-founder of Terra Media, a film and television company for impact media.
Ardi Bouwers
Ardi Bouwers, founder of consultancy firm China Circle, is a sinologist with a broad experience in intercultural communication, journalism and management. As a deputy editor-in-chief, she has led journalists from all over the world at Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, especially from China, Indonesia and the Middle East.
Fabian Bern
Fabian Bern, Founder and CEO of MANY. Growth expert, social media strategist and early adopter of TikTok.
Joyce Huisman
Joyce Huisman is a writer, connector and branding specialist with over 20 years of experience in the media and branding. Joyce is always looking for common interests and complementary qualities, from apparently divergent parties to forge new, successful connections and generate innovation.


Team PAC
Volunteers at Omroep PAC

  • Kin
  • Kevin
  • Anna June
  • Marijke Phoa
  • Deepti Rao
  • Martijn Scholte
  • Patrick
  • Feargal Agard

Pan Asian Collective
Our collective of creatives with Asian roots. Read more at Pan Asian Collective.

  • Pete Wu
  • Alice Wong
  • Sioejeng Tsao
  • Nita Liem
  • Jimmy Tai
  • Wing-Yan Man
  • Miki Dai
  • and more..